Queensland Museum acquires wordy artwork

US/ME/U/MUSEUM - Alan James, 2012

Delighted to report that Queensland Museum has acquired my US/ME/U assemblage.

This was the signature piece from the Bespoke installation I contributed to at the Museum late last year. More here.

Thank you Museum. It had your name all over it ; )

A swap with Parisienne photographer, Anne Valverde

Delighted to have swapped works with Parisienne photographer, Anne Valverde.

I chose this beautiful image she took in the Namibian desert, where a roadside “cairn-sign” offers some sage advice. Anne chose a Love Sign.

I LOVE her work. Merci Anne!

See more of Anne’s work here: annevalverde.com


Love in Paris

Love Sign in Paris - Anne Valverde photo

Love looks quite at home in the home of the fabulous French photographer Anne Valverde.

That’s Anne’s Eiffel Tower photo on the left, and Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE in the background.

Such esteemed company. Merci Anne!