And the winner is …


Thank you to everyone who supported the Love Mo. We raised $700 for Movember. Yay.

As promised, everyone who donated would go into the draw to win my new Not Sign. And, as promised, the winner would be drawn by a cute barrel girl.

And here they are …


This is Princess Phoebe of Chandler, pictured here in her official regal robes. Phoebe kindly took time out from her busy schedule to be my barrel girl, even though she wasn’t really sure what a barrel was.

But it didn’t matter. We didn’t have a barrel anyway. So we decorated a box with alfoil and some Xmas decs. We made tickets for everyone who donated—one for every $5—then put them in the box. Phoebe was very eager to pluck names from the box. Shame we only had one prize.


The first name Phoebe drew was … Michael Zavros … aka Daddy.

Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t quite have the camera ready to take the official photo for verification, so a redraw was called. Daddy wasn’t entirely happy with this. But it would’ve seemed a bit suss. And he’s won enough art prizes anyway.

The next name drawn was John Mansell, but Daddy was still faffing about with the camera, so this one didn’t count either. Sorry John Boy, Mike—may have to organise a consolation prize.

Finally, Daddy was ready with the camera, and Princess Phoebe delved deep to draw the official, final, really truly winner …


Yes people, this is it …


And the winner is …


Congrats Jane love. You have won a Not Sign, which I’ve now decided will be a limited edition of 100, and priced at $1600. Woo hoo.

Princess Phoebe changed to swimwear especially to model the new sign …


As you can see, the Not Sign is quite big: about one Phoebe long, and about three-quarters of a Phoebe high. (This is just a prototype—the final product will be even flasher.)

An initial run of 10 Not Signs is in production now and due for completion before Xmas. So Jane, you can put yours under the tree.

More info here.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the Love Mo.

Thank you Phoebe for being the cutest, bestest barrel girl in the world. I love you to Birdsville.

Thank you Ali and Mike for Phoebe.

And thank you Mandy for your fabulous Photoshopping of the Love Mo.

Cheery cheers